I think there is something remarkable to turn a piece of wood or a bit of leather into something useful or perhaps even beautiful. Today, we are so occupied working for others and working against a timeline or budget that we have forgotten how nice it is to make something for ourselves and our own hands.

Most of us can appreciate quality craftsmanship when touching a tailormade suit or handmade wallet. You will probably ‘feel’ the person’s hand behind the item, and his or her touch will stay on in the handcrafted piece after it has left the craftsperson and ended up you.

There are a difference between Chinese, Korean or Elsewhere sweatshop manufactured goods, where the employee’s work is only a substitute for a machine. I am talking about the spirit embedded in an item produced by someone whose real interests only lie in finalizing an excellent result, never thinking of money.

I mainly work with commission projects in leather or where leather is part of a project.